A Safer & Better Way To Get A Toner Bum

A Safer & Better Way To Get A Toner Bum

Hey! My name is Alina, I am the inventor of the TONERBUM! I am passionate about workouts that you can do from ages 10-100.

I believe in taking care of your body, so your body can take care of you.

Just 5-7 min a day to strengthen and maintain one of the most important muscles on your body. You see, in our modern world we have the car that allows us to travel from one place to another, but the car also creates another problem, it keeps us sitting. We go from sitting in our cars, to sitting in our office chairs, to sitting on our couches. All that sitting leads to our booty muscles getting weaker and looser.

Not only does this not look so hot, it also leads to hip pain and injuries as we age. Think of all the older people walking with canes and suffering from hip pain. If you don't tone your booty muscles while lubricating your hip joints it is only a matter of time before you could be putting yourself at risk for a hip injury. 

This is why I invented the TONERBUM. After years of research in the safest and most effective way to tone the glute muscles I discovered three super simple and effective workouts that you can do in the comfort of your home until you are 100 years old. 

Unlike hand held dumbbells that can end up injuring you because they are not made for your legs, the TONERBUM is ergonomically designed for your legs. Offering just the right amount of resistance that safely builds and maintains muscles around your hips, allowing you to stay healthy and hot until you are 100+


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