Patented Glute & Leg Weight Dumbbell
Ergonomically designed to comfortably and effectively tone your under butt, side glutes and legs — in just 5 min a day!


US Utility Patented
the future of glute training

TonerBum™ Butt & Leg Weight Dumbbell is scientifically proven to tone and activate your glutes faster, safer and more effectively than regular squats and lunges for your best butt and legs ever.

super efective & easy

TonerBum Butt & Leg Weight Dumbbell ergonomic U shape design allows for it to contour to the natural shape of your leg allowing you to safely and comfortably perform the (1) fire hydrants and (2) donkey kicks workouts with full range of motion to target the under butt and side glutes. It is super easy to take off when during interval training HIIT workouts and it can be used as a kettlebell to perform the (3) deadlifts and (4)TonerBum swings – for your best butt and legs ever!

30 day challenge

The super fast and effective 5min workout targets key glute muscles to quickly lift and tone your glutes — for your best butt and legs ever!

The TonerBum is the safest and most effective way to tone the under butt muscles, side glutes, center glutes and top glutes – all while burning fat. Its unique Patented U shape design allows for it to safely and comfortably stay in place behind the back of your leg allowing you to move with a full range of motion to isolate key glute muscles for the best and most effective results. It sits in the perfect ideal location for weight distribution (the back of your leg) to target the hard to reach under butt muscles and the side glutes. In addition the ergonomic U shaped handle allows you to comfortably grip it with your hands to perform the deadlifts targeting the top glutes and the kettlebell swings to burn fat – all in just five minutes.