Alina kravchenko shark tank

The US Utility Patented TonerBum™ was invented by Alina Kravchenko, a serial inventor, and entrepreneur who is on a mission to invent products that make women's lives better, one invention at a time.

She is a single mom who is running multiple companies while raising her son alone. She understands how precious time is for all women in our generation. Because we have so much on our plates, finding time for ourselves is what ends up falling off our plates and as a result our health and confidence slowly deteriorate.

This is why she invented the TonerBum™, the worlds first and only Glute Toning Dumbbell that is ergonomically designed to target key muscles to give you a full booty workout in just five minutes a day (5-Min TonerBum Workout). Giving women the power to look and feel more healthy and confident!

Get your TonerBum and Love your bum

The Birth Of The TonerBum


Was the year that the idea of the TonerBum came to Alina.


This idea floated in Alinas mind for a while until it was confirmed.

It was in a workout class at Corepower Yoga where the instructor had the entire class using hand-held dumbbells and resistance bands where Alina saw how she wasn't the only one struggling with the problems of using the resistance bands and hand held dumbbells to target these key glute muscles without putting strain on the knees. At least people out of every class would have the dumbbell fall on their other leg, you would hear a loud “Ouch!” then a pause of the class with a “Are you okay?” followed by a painful “Yeah”. This was when the idea tapped on Alina’s shoulder, saying “You know there is a better way, it is time to start working on the Patent”.


Alina filed for the US Utility Patent. 

Her patent attorney advised her cautiously that she may not get the patent because it seems like an obvious idea. But her gut feeling said to do it anyway. She promised herself that if she gets the patent that she will bring it to life.


Alina was awarded US Utility “Leg Lift Dumbbell”. It was her second patent.


Prototyping the physical product, creating a trademark name, website and brand.

Let the fun begin!


Ordering inventory for mass production.


Launching! The worlds first and only US Patented Glute Dumbbell - The TonerBum™