About TonerBum™

Alina Kravchenko Inventor of TonerBum
The US Utility Patented TonerBum™ By Better Way Body, LLC started in June of 2021. The CEO and Inventor is Alina Kravchenko, is passionate about inventing solution based products that empower women!

Being a busy working mom, she understands how precious time is for all women in our generation. Because we have so much on our plates, finding time for ourselves is what ends up falling off our plates and as a result our health and confidence slowly deteriorates.

This is why she invented the TonerBum™, the world's first and only Glute & Leg Weight Dumbbell that is ergonomically designed to target key muscles to give you a full glute workout in just five minutes a day (5-Min TonerBum Workout). Giving women the power to look and feel more healthy and confident!

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TonerBum Timeline

From an Idea to A Dream Come True!


Was the year that the idea of the TonerBum came to Alina.


Confirmed. There is a defenetly need for a better way to tone your glutes at home.


Filed for the US Utility Patent. 


Awarded US Utility Patent & Design Patent


Prototyping the physical product, and user testing.


WOW! Officially Launching! The world's first and only US Patented Butt & Leg Weight Dumbbell - The TonerBum™ BUY ON AMAZON