TonerBum™ Glute Trainer + Kettlebell - FAQ

Here are all the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the TonerBum™ US Utility Patented Glute Trainer + Kettlebell.

The inner width of the TonerBum is about 6in wide, which should fit most people's legs. But in the case where it is too tight, simply straighten your leg while performing the donkey kick workouts and place the TonerBum on a lower part of your leg that is more narrow.

The best glute workouts are the ones that are broken up into three parts:

Part 1 Activating Glutes: (1) Jump squats (2) kettlebell swings with a 5-10 lbs (3) Hip thrusts

Part 2 Strengthening Glutes: (1) Donkey Kicks (leg raises) (2) Fire Hydrants (3) Squats using weight

Part 3 Stretching Glutes: (1) Standing figure-four stretch(2) Double pigeon or pigeon (3) Side to side child pose

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Stretching your glute muscles after a glute workout helps increase flexibility, prevent tightness and help to improve results next time you workout. In addition, stretching your glutes allows more blood flow to reach your muscles which helps to aid in a faster recovery and gain better results after a glute workout. Read more: 3 Best Glute Stretches

Like with any workout the best one is the one you can stick with. Be realistic with what you have time and energy to do. Then make a plan to stick with it. If you are starting out begin slowly with a simple 3-minute workout routine you can add time to as you build the habit. 

(Tip 1) Create the space: Whether it is in your office or at home create a space with your mat and Glute Weight, and keep it in sight. This way it is ready for you to do daily without you having to do the additional work of setting up your workout area.

(Tip 2) Create the time: Commit to a realistic amount of time you can give to your routine. If you are busy or run low on energy you can easily incorporate the 5 Min Butt & Leg Weight Workout into your schedule. Start small and stay consistent: This means picking 4-6 exercise routines that you can easily do and remember to do. 

(Tip 3) Create the energy: When you feel energized you will find the hard things easier because you will have more energy, and as a result, you will want to do more reps. Get more sleep go to bed at the same time and wake at the same time, drink more water and less alcohol, don’t drink coffee after 2 pm, eat more fruits and veggies and less proceced foods, take long deep breaths are some great ways to create more energy that will help you stick with your workout routine more successfully.

Yes, especially if you’re sitting a lot in your daily life, it’s best to do these exercises every day. If that’s not feasible, aim to do them at least two to three times each week to maintain your glute strength.