3 Best Glute Stretches - After Your "Glute Workout With Weights"

After your Glute Workout With Weights it is essential that you hydrate and stretch for maximum results. Here are the 3 Best Glute Stretches:

1. Standing Figure-Four Stretch (Single Leg Chair Pose)

Instructions: Begin by sitting in a chair pose with your core tight, then place one leg over your knee as you slowly bend into your sitting pose with your hands in a prayer position. You will feel a slight stretch in your glutes the deeper you sit. Hold for 3-5 breaths and repeat on the other side.

Standing figure-four stretch

2. Double pigeon or pigeon 

Instructions for double pigeon: Begin by sitting upright on the floor with your legs crossed. Lift one leg and place it over the bottom leg as shown in the image below. Then gently and slowly lay over your double folded legs, you are welcome to use a blocks to support you in the pose. Repeat in the other side.

Double pigeon

Instructions for single pigeon: Begin by getting into a downward dog pose, then lift one leg fully up and place it in between your hands, making sure that your shin is parallel to the front of your mat. Keeping your hips aligned forward slowly fold over your front leg. Repeat on the other side.

pigeon pose

3. Side to side child pose

Instructions: Begin by getting into a child's pose, by bringing your knees out wide with your toes kissing each other. Slowly sit on your heels with your hands extended out towards you. Then move your hands and hips in opposite directions (hands to the left and hips to the right). You should feel this in your side glutes. Repeat on both sides.

child pose

Spend five minutes giving your glutes a nice stretch for your health and best results.




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