Hot Body Workout for Busy Women - 10 Min

Are you a busy woman who wants a hot body? Well here is a super fast and effective 10 Minute Hot Body Workout for Busy Women that you can easily do in the comfort of your home and in just 10 min a day.

What you will need: (1) TonerBum Glute Weight Dumbbell (1) workout mat and (2) hand-held dumbbells. 


(1) Jump Squats - increase heart rate to burn fat / strengthens bones

(2) KB Swings - activates glutes to maximize fast and effective results

(3) Deadlifts - tones the top part of glute muscles for a perky plump booty

(4) Donkey Kicks - tones the under the butt to lift the under glute muscles 

(5) Fire Hydrants - tones the side glutes for a heart-shaped butt


(6) Push-Ups - lifts your breast for a perky youthful look

(7)TonerBacks - tones key back muscles for a beautiful posture

(8) Reverse Fly with Dumbbells - tones sides of back for an hourglass looking figure

(9) Arm Raises - Tones the shoulders for an elegant dancers body look

(10) Overhead Triceps Extension- tones back of arms for sexy toned arms


(11) Scissor Kicks - tones and tightens the side glutes while burning fat to slim the waist

(12) Leg Raises - tone the lower abs for a flat and tight tummy