HIIT Glute Workout With Weights To Burn Fat

In the quest for a well-toned and sculpted booty, finding a workout routine that fits your fitness level and schedule can be a challenge. TonerBum glute trainer is the solution for everyone, regardless of their fitness level or time constraints. This super-effective High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Glute Workout with weights is designed to burn fat and help you achieve the booty you love. Let's dive into the details of this efficient workout.

What You Will Need:

Before starting the TonerBum HIIT Glute Workout with weights, gather the following equipment:

  1. Workout mat or padding for your knees
  2. 1 kettlebell and 1 dumbbell or the TonerBum glute trainer.

How It Works:

The TonerBum HIIT Glute Workout with weights is a quick and powerful routine that targets different areas of your glutes. The workout consists of three time-efficient sessions, each varying in duration.

5-Minute Glute Workout - 1 Round:

In the initial phase, dedicate five minutes to a full booty workout. Perform the following exercises:

  • 20 sets of donkey kicks (targeting under glutes)
  • 20 sets of fire hydrants (targeting side glutes)
  • 20 sets of deadlifts (targeting top glutes)
  • 20 sets of KB swings to burn fat

10-Minute Glute Workout - 2 Rounds:

As you progress, intensify the workout by adding a second round. Repeat the exercises from the 5-minute workout for an extended duration.

15-Minute Glute Workout - 3 Rounds:

For an even more challenging routine, engage in a 15-minute session with three rounds of the exercises mentioned above.

Bonus - Burn Extra Fat:

To maximize fat burning, incorporate jump squats before each repetition. Perform 20 sets of jump squats to elevate the intensity of your workout.

Post-Workout Glute Stretches:

After completing the TonerBum HIIT Glute Workout, it's crucial to give your glutes a proper stretch. Here are three highly effective glute stretches:

  1. Pigeon Pose:

    • Begin in a plank position.
    • Bring your right knee forward toward your right hand.
    • Extend your left leg behind you.
    • Sit back, keeping your chest lifted.
    • Hold for 30 seconds and switch sides.
  2. Seated Forward Fold:

    • Sit on the mat with your legs extended in front.
    • Hinge at your hips and reach toward your toes.
    • Hold for 30 seconds, feeling the stretch in your hamstrings and glutes.
  3. Butterfly Stretch:

    • Sit with your knees bent and the soles of your feet together.
    • Hold your feet with your hands and gently press your knees toward the floor.
    • Hold for 30 seconds.


TonerBum glute trainer's inclusive approach to fitness ensures that everyone can achieve their desired booty shape, regardless of their fitness level or busy schedule. The HIIT Glute Workout offers a quick and efficient way to burn fat and sculpt your glutes, while the bonus jump squats add an extra fat-burning element. Don't forget to reward your hardworking glutes with a thorough stretch, incorporating the suggested post-workout stretches for optimal recovery and flexibility.

Start your TonerBum journey today and step into a healthier, stronger, and more sexy you!


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