3 Key Benefits Of Keeping Your Glutes Toned & Activated

We spend a lot of time sitting. Sitting in front of our computers, sitting in our cars, and sitting on our couches. And all this sitting leads to the lazy butt syndrome. Not only does it not look cute, it also puts us at risk for lower back pain and hip injuries as we age.

This is why is is extremely important to activate your booty muscles daily, all it takes is just 5 min. And the TonerBum Booty Toning Dumbbell allows you to do this in just 5 min a day, working every part of your booty - Check out the 5 Min Full Booty Workout here.

3 Benefits Of Activating Your Glutes Are:

1. Prevent future back and hip injuries by strengthening your muscles. It is a known fact that women lose muscle mass as we age, this is why it is essential to do low intensity exercises that keep our muscles strong. You see the glute muscles are connected to our hips and lower back and when they are strong they protect our hips and joints from getting injured. The TonerBum allows you to target 4 key muscle groups that will tone every part of your booty. 

2. Boosts your metabolism which burns more fat throughout the day. The quick 5 min workout in the morning to keep your glutes activated throughout the day while burning calories.

3. Makes you look and feel more healthy, fit and confident! When our glutes muscles are toned and lifted it not only helps to make us feel more healthy but it also helps to boost your confidence. 

The TonerBum™ US Patented Booty Toning Dumbbell is ergonomically designed for your body, to comfortably and effectively allow you to isolate key muscles for a plump and toned bum you will love. No matter your fitness level the TonerBum is perfect for everybooty, if you are just starting out take the 30 Day Booty Toning Challenge 

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