3 Secrets To Vanish Cellulite

We all want a tight and smooth booty. You know like the way it looks in leggings. Well, great news for you, there is a way you can keep that tight and smooth look even after taking off your leggings. And here are the 3 secrets that will vanish your cellulite. Stick to it for 30 days and you will see incredible results of your glute muscles tightening and skin smoothing.

Secret #1 - Eat clean. This is a no brainer, eating clean means the majority (70-80%) of what you are putting in your body is straight from the source and nothing processed. An example of eating clean is, raw organic fruits and veggies, eggs, grains and pasture raised chicken. Remember you are what you eat, so if you eat clean your body will stop creating cellulite in your glute region. If you have cravings for bread or sweets, find healthy alternatives like dates and fresh baked bread without any additives that make it have a long shelf life. When you are grocery shopping avoid the middle part of the store and shop only in the produce, dairy, meat, nuts and grains sections to prevent getting tempted to buy anything processed. Farmers markets are great places to eat clean and in season, and are also a super fun way to enjoy the process of shopping. Load up on those fresh fruits and veggies and you will begin to feel more energized and healthy!

Secret #2 - Activate Your Glute Muscles! If you sit in your car, in your office chair, on your couch your glute muscles will not be activated and gradually overtime they will weaken causing that saggy look you don't want. This is why activation your glute muscles is essential to preventing and reversing the signs of cellulite and a saggy booty. Activating your glutes in the morning is a super effective way to tighten those key glute muscles, for a plump and smooth booty you will love. Think of it as a wake up to your booty muscles, once they are awake they will continue to work throughout the day, without you having to do much to get the results of a toned and plump booty. Then throughout your day walk and stand at every chance you get. Park far from the store and use stairs. Think of it as your little bits of exercise throughout the day. 

Here is a super effective 5 min booty toning workout you can do in the comfort of your home - Plump & Toned Full Booty Workout to activate your glute muscles. 

tonerbum glute dumbbell

Secret #3 - Coffee Scrub. Do you grind your own coffee in the morning? Well if you do awesome, collect the used coffee grounds into a jar and use it to exfoliate your booty and thighs. This allows circulating and the breakdown of the collected pockets of fat that cause that bumpy look on your skin. Then buy a jar of organic coconut oil and rub it on your booty and thighs after you are done bathing, do not rinse it off, allow it to absorb into your booty. 

Remember for this to work you have to do it for at-least 30 days, so stick to it! Here is a FREE super helpful 30 Day printable tracker that can keep you accountable: 30 Days To A TonerBum

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